Days Until the Fair!

The Bolton Fair Commemorative Posters

The Bolton Fair's award winning posters have been cherished by families for years, and are big sellers at the committee booth at the fair. They feature designs of rare breed animals often present at the fair, and are 18 by 24 inches in size. If you would like to purchase posters at times of the year other than during the fair, feel free to contact us.

Check out some posters of the past: To view any particular poster, mouse over the poster name.

133rd Bolton Fair Kerry Dairy Cattle 2015
132nd Bolton Fair Phoenix Rooster 2014
131th Bolton Fair Fair Images 2013
130th Bolton Fair American Buff Goose 2012
129th Bolton Fair Mammoth Donkey 2011 Bolton Fair Poster
128th Bolton Fair Tennessee Fainting Goat 2010
127th Bolton Fair Bolton Fair Traditions 2009
126th Bolton Fair American Chinchilla Rabbit 2008
125th Bolton Fair The Bolton Fair Heritage 2007
124th Bolton Fair Beltsville Small White Turkey 2006
123rd Bolton Fair Cayuga Duck 2005
122nd Bolton Fair Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig 2004
121st Bolton Fair Jacobs Sheep 2003
120th Bolton Fair American Cream Draft Horse 2002
119th Bolton Fair Milking Devon Cow 2001
118th Bolton Fair Partridge Plymouth Rock Chicken 2000

To order posters, contact us to leave a message.